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  • What makes our Interior doors different?
    At Grinyer Interior Doors and Closets, we start by offering a wide range of door products by top manufacturers to ensure we have the right product to fit your needs. Next, we use advanced digital measuring technology to digitize your door jambs. This allows us to precisely machine the slab to properly fit and function in your existing door jamb. Once the door is machined to fit, we sand, prime and paint your doors in one of our popular shades of white. Lastly, our professional installers visit your home to remove your old doors and install your new factory finished interior doors. Completing your renovation in 8 hours or less.
  • What are our doors made of?
    We offer a wide variety of material options for interior doors. From MDF to wood and everything in between. You can be sure to find the product that best suits your project.
  • What if I don’t want to change my door frames?
    You are in luck! Using our sophisticated measuring technology, there is no need to rip out and replace your existing door jambs and trim! We can replace up to 60 doors in your home in less than one day, with no changes to your existing door frames and trim.
  • Why should I leave my existing door jambs in place?
    There are a number of reasons why you should not remove your existing door jambs. Most older homes have beautiful solid wood door frames, consistent with the look and feel of the home. Changing them for a newer and possibly lower quality door jamb would be a shame. Your existing door jambs have settled and shifted with the rest of your home and are not likely to change shape any further. Which makes for a perfect opportunity to fit a new door without having to worry about the dreaded shifting door jamb issues often seen in the future! Maintaining consistency is difficult when changing door jambs and trim. If you are updating trim in one area, be prepared to consider the rest of the trim in your home too. It is messy! Changing door jambs and casing is a major project. It takes time and boy oh boy is it a messy endeavor.
  • What are the benefits of changing my interior doors?
    Changing interior doors are proven to be one of the best ways to update the look and feel of your home. By changing the doors inside your home, you update each and every room of the house including the hallways! Another benefit of replacing interior doors is improving air quality within the home. Doors that fit too tightly within a door jamb do not allow for any airflow, trapping stale air inside the room until the door is opened. This makes for a musty and dusty bedroom or bathroom. Maintaining proper floor gaps under your doors is essential when considering HVAC code and function of furnace systems. Noise transfer with poorly fitted old doors is another reason so replace your interior doors. By digitally templated your door jambs, Grinyer Interior Doors and Closets can guarantee a door that fits properly and in turn helps to dampen noise transfer between rooms.
  • What to consider when choosing a door style?
    It is important when choosing a new door style for your home, to ensure the style of your home is complimented by your new door style. If you are going for a craftsman style look in your home, stay away from a colonial style door and Vice Versa. Try to maintain continuity throughout the home as well. If you have chosen shaker cabinetry elsewhere in the home, how about shaker doors to keep things consistent throughout the rest of the home?
  • What are the top door trends of 2023?
    Keeping it simple! Gone are the days of busy multi panels doors. Sleek and simple designs are becoming increasingly popular in todays home designs. Think – “less is more” when considering replacing interior doors. One and two panel designs are most often selected by our customers, with some even choosing to go with completely flush slabs for a more modern look!
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